Aircraft Carriers of World War II

Color Pictures from National Archives Collection

Carrier Personnel
Aircraft Carrier Personell
Carrier Operations

Aircraft Carrier Operations
Carrier Flagmen

Carrier Flagmen
Planes on Aircraft Carriers
Planes on Deck

Misc. Aircraft Carrier Pictures

Misc. Aircraft Carrier Pictures

World War II Aircraft Carrier USS Altamaha

USS Altamaha


Aircaft Carrier USS Antietam

USS Antietam

USS Bennington from World War II

USS Bennington

USS Bunker Hill Aircraft Carrier

USS Bunker Hill

USS Charger Pictures

USS Charger

USS Cowpens Aircraft Carrier

USS Cowpens

USS Enterprise

USS Enterprise

USS Essex from World War II

USS Essex

World War II Aircraft Carrier Uss Franklin

USS Franklin

Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet

USS Hornet

USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier from World War II

USS Intrepid

USS Lexington

USS Lexington

USS Makin

USS Makin Island

USS Matanikua

USS Matanikua

Aircraft Carrier USS Midway

USS Midway

USS Randolph

USS Randolph

World War II Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger

USS Ranger

USS Sangamon

USS Sangamon

USS Santee

USS Santee

World War II Aircraft Carrier USS Saratoga

USS Saratoga

USS Ticonderoga

USS Ticonderoga

Uss Wasp

USS Wasp

World War II Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown

USS Yorktown


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Aircraft Carriers




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Color Pictures of United States Aircraft Carriers of World War II

Aircraft Carrier Crew      Carrier Operations     Flag men on Aircraft Carriers    Planes on Aircraft Carriers     Other Aircraft Pictures
USS Altamaha   USS Antietam   USS Bennington   USS Bunker Hill   USS Charger   USS Cowpens   USS Enterprise
USS Essex   USS Franklin   USS Hornet   USS Intrepid   USS Lexington   USS Makin Island   USS Matanikua   USS Midway
USS Randolph   USS Ranger   USS Sangamon   USS Santee   USS Saratoga   USS Ticonderoga   USS Wasp   USS Yorktown

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