World War II Maps

The following are links to maps from Center for Military History Brochures.

Pacific Theater

General Maps

-Japanese Plan and Troop Placements
    -Asia and Pacific Theaters 1942
    -Asia 1942
    -The Pacific 1942

Philippines Maps
    -Philippines 1941-1942
    -Bataan 1942

Burma Maps
    -Burma 1942
    -Japanese Conquest of Burma 1942

East Indies Maps
    -Abdacom Area 1942
    -Japanese Attacks Along Maylay Barrier 1941-1942 
    -Japanese Landings on Java 1942
    -Japanese Conquest of Java 1942

India Burma Maps
    -Burma 1944-1945
    -North Burma Operations 1944
    -Opening the Burma Road 1944-5

Aleutian Islands Maps
    -The Aleutian Islands 1942-3
    -Capture of Attu 1943

China Defense
    -The Salween Campaign 1944
    -Ichigo Plan 1944
    -End of Salween Campaign 1944-5
    -Chihchiang Campaign 1945

    -Fight for Owen Stanley Range 1942
    -Buna Perimeter 1942

Guadalcanal Maps
    -Guadalcanal 1942
    -XIV Corps Advance 1943

New Guinea
    -New Guinea Operations January 1943 - February 1944
    -New Guinea Operations April - May 1944

Solomon Islands
    -The Cartwheel Area 1943
    -Operations in New Georgia  June -August 1943
    -Japanese Counterattacks March 1944

Eastern Mandates
    -Los Negros Assult March 1944
    -Lugos Mission to Lorengau March 1944

Western pacific
    -Saipan Island June - July 1944
    -Into Death Valley June 1944
    -Tinian Island July - August 1944
    -Island of Guam July - August 1944    
    -Assault on Angaur September 1944
    -Assault on Peleliu September - October 1944

Philippines Islands (Leyte and Luzon)
    -Philippines Islands Map
    -Invasion of Leyte October 1944
    -Situation on Leyte October - November 1944
    -Leyte November to December 1944
    -Enemy on Luzon January 1945
    -Sixth Army Landings January 1945
    -Capture of Manila February - March 1945
    -Seizure of Wawa Dam March - May 1945
    -Troop Disposition Feb 1945

Central Burma Maps
    -Central Burma Map 1945
    -Securing the Burma Road January - March 1945 
    -Burma Campaign January - June 1945

Southern Philippines
    -Southern Philippines Operations February 1945
    -Clearing Eastern Mindanao X Corps April - June 1945

    -Map of Okinawa Island 1945
    -Tenth Army Invasion Plan April 1945
    -US and Japanese Lines April 19,1945
    -Through Outer Shuri Defense April 19-24, 1945

China Offensive
    -Situation Map October 1944
    -Chihchiang Campaign April - June 1945


 European - African - Middle East Theater

Egypt - Libya
    -Middle East 1942
    -Egypt Libya 1942

Algeria - French Morocco
    -Operation Torch 1942
    -Western Task Force November 1942
    -Western Task Force Goal Post 1942
    -Western Task Force Brushwood 1942
    -Central Task Force 1942

    -Eastern Task Force 1942
    -Southern Operations 1943
    -Taking the Bridgehead 1943

    -Assault on Sicily 1943
    -Fight for Sicily 1943

Naples Foggia
    -Fifth Army Landings 1943
    -Allied Gains 1943

    -Map of Landings 1944
    -Expanding the Beach Heads 1944
    -Holding the Beach Head 1944
    -Break Out 1944

    -Allied Strategy in Italy
    -Map Operation Diadem 1944
    -Map of the Breakthrough
    -Rome to Arno 1944

Normandy (D-Day)
    -Map of the Area of Operation Overlord
    -Final Plan for Operation Overlord
    -Bocage Country
Northern France
    -Map of First Army Breakout July -August 1944 
    -VIII Corps Advance into Brittany August 1944  
    -Closing and Counter Attack 1944
    -Drive to the Seine River August 1944
    -Pursuit to German Boarder August - September 1944

Southern France
    -France 1944
    -Seventh Army Assault August 1944
    -Seventh Army Advance September 1944

North Apennines
    -Map of Approach to Gothic Line August 1944
    -II Corps Attack on Gothic Line September 1944
    -Thrust toward Imola September - October 1944
    -Attack on Livergnano Escarpment October 1944
    -Operation Encore February - March 1945

    -Break Out and Advance to Seine July-August 1944
    -Campaign in Southern France August - September 1944
    -Battle of Attrition September - December 1944
    -Changes in Western Front January - February 1945
    -Battle of Rhineland February - March 1945

Ardennes - Alsace
    -Map of the Battleground December 1944
    -Map of the Ardennes December 1944
    -The West Wall December 1944
    -Wacht Am Rhein December 1944
    -Nordwind December 1944 - January 1945
    -Erasing the Bulge December 1944 - January 1945
    -Colmar Pocket January - February 1945

Central Europe
    -Map Closing on the Rhine March 1945
    -Encirclement of the Ruhr March - April 1945
    -Advance to the Elbe and Mulde Rivers April 1945
    -End of War in Europe April - May 1945 
Po Valley
    -Map Breakthrough Po Valley April 1945
    -Spring Offensive April - May 1945


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