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Egyptian Research

Welcome to History Link 101's Egyptian Research Page. Here you will find excellent links to Egyptian history, mythology, and archeology.  History Link 101 is a site developed for World History Classes, by a World History Teacher.

Archeology of Egypt

News of Egyptian Archeology Site which documents developments in archeology in Egypt.
   Visual = 5 Content = 5 E5020
Nova On the Sunken Light House of Alexandria Has Video clip of the finding of artifacts in the harbor.
   Visual = 4 Content = 4   E5030

History of Egypt

Biography of Pharaohs Large collection of biographical information organized by dynasty.
   Visual = 2 Content = 5 E5050

History of Egypt by Dynasty Basic summary of history.
   Visual = 3 Content = 5 E5060

List of Kings and Pharaohs by Time Period
   Visual = 1 Content = 5   E5070

Egyptian Antiquity Information By Tournet.
   Visual = 5 Content = 5   E5080

The House of Ptolemy 
   Visual = 1 Content = 5   E5090

The Rosetta Stone and Original Text

Picture of the Rosetta Stone
   Visual = 5 Content = N/A   E5120

Rosetta Stone Youtube Video Four minutes video explaining the Rosetta stone and it's history.
   Visual = 5 Content = N/A E5130

Egypt Hieroglyphics In depth section on how to understand hieroglyphics.
   Visual = N/A Content = 5 E5140

Decoding Hieroglyphics by Smithsonian (Click enter in the box on the left to see information)
   Visual = 3 Content = 5 E5150

Language in Ancient Egypt Includes categories of writing, grammar, sign list, titulary and literature.
   Visual = 2 Content = 5 E5160

Decipherment of Hieroglyphs One page essay.
   Visual = N/A Content = 5 E5170

Original Text of Egypt Over twenty-five original texts.
   Visual = N/A Content = 4 E5180

Sacred Text of Ancient Egypt Links to translations of 22 original text from Ancient Egypt.
   Visual = N/A Content = 4 E5190

Link Pages

Link page for research in Egyptology   E5220

Chris Witcombe Egypt Art Links   E5230

Fordham Link page   E5240

Egyptian Mythology

Ancient Egyptian Mythology Fully illustrated site that includes areas on gods and goddesses, mummification, temples, priests and more.
   Visual = 5 Content = 5     E5250

Ancient Egyptian Religion Illustrated with gods and goddesses, religious belief, mummification plus more.
   Visual = 5 Content = 5 E5260 

Glossary of Egyptian Mythology
   Visual = N/A Content = 5 E5280


Miscellaneous Sites 

Alphabetical Listing People and Gods of Egypt Links on the left of the page
   Visual = N/A Content = 5   E5290
Clickable Mummy
   Visual = 2 Content = 4   E5300

History Channel on Egypt    Video and pictures from the History Channel.
   Visual =5 Content = 5 E5310

Ancient Egypt Film Site Detailed listing of movies that include Ancient Egypt.
   Visual = 3 Content = 3 E5320



Time Table of Ancient Egypt  Three time tables, buildings, time periods and a general timeline.
   Visual = N/A  Content = 5  E5330 

Cross Cultural Timeline Excellent page showing all major cultures and major events!!
   Visual = 5 Content = 5   E5340
Timeline from British Museum
   Visual = N/A Content = 4 E5360

Timeline from Australian Museum Details the changes in Egyptian Art over time.
   Visual = N/A Content = 5 E5370