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Marriage Feast of Nastagio degli Onesti

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Sandro Botticelli, Marriage Feast of Nastagio degli Onesti



84 X 142 cm

Florence, Private Collection

The calmness of the last painting shows a happy ending to the story that was full of violence. It also shows the end result of squandering away love, money and life. This was the message Botticelli wanted to convey to the recently wed couple to whom he was presenting these pictures.

In the last two paintings, both the Pucci and Medic coat of arms are represented as well as the combined Pucci and Bini coat of arms. All three, in the last picture, are framed by laurel leaves which represent that Lorenzo Medic played the very important role of arranging the Pucci and Bini marriage. They were showing their gratitude to the Medici family by displaying their symbols during a very important event.




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