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China Daily Life

Welcome to History Link 101's Chinese Daily Life Page.  Here you will find excellent links to Chinese Dynasties, History, and Daily Life..  History Link 101 is a site developed for World History Classes, by a World History Teacher.     


Daily Life          

Chinese Clothing Description of clothing used in ancient China.
        Visual = 3 Content = 3    C2010

Children and Youth in Ancient China One page essay.
        Visual = N/A   Content = 4   C2020

Traditional Chinese Instruments Pictures of three instruments.
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    C2030

Traditional String Instruments of China Includes short video showing the instrument being played.
        Visual = 4 Content = 4    C2040

Chinese People Includes topics of family, Buddhist monks, Buddhist nuns and school.
        Visual = 3 Content = 4    C2050

Chinese Religion Description of Chinese religion which includes topics of Chinese philosophies.
        Visual = 3 Content = 4    C2060

Chinese Writing One page extensive descriptions of Chinese writing.
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    C2070



Famous Developments of China

Chinese Compass One page with image of Ancient Chinese compass.
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    C2080

The Silk Road Essay on the development of Silk Road under different dynasties.
        Visual =  4 Content = 4    C2140

Advancement of Technology in Ancient China One page list with brief explanations of each.
        Visual = N/A   Content = 5   C2150



Essays on History of China by Leon Poon.  Essays seem to the point with good detail.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    C2160

Coins of the Ming Dynasty 
        Visual = 5 Content = 2    C2170

General Overview of Chinese Dynasties Covers each period with several paragraphs and good illustrations.
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    C2190