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1) This site does not promote or endorse pornographic material.  This site is intended to promote the study of World History.  In doing so, cultures and other time periods have had different beliefs and view of the human body then what people may today.    We have attempted to place identifiers in the text when nudity in art or sculptures may be displayed in our lessons or slide shows so not to offend any of our viewers.  If there are any places were nude material are presented on this site and we have not noted them please e-mail us.  E-mail address are on the bottom of most of the pages in the site.  

2)This site utilizes links to other good resources on the web.  We work hard to connect you to the best sources on the web for World History.  We do not control the content which may appear on other sites we link to.  If there are site which have put inappropriate, offensive or inaccurate information on them please contact us so that we do not inadvertently support their activities.


Eric Rymer
Webmaster of History Link 101

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