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African Art Lesson 


     Artists in African tribes held positions of honor in their tribal groups.  Often long apprenticeships were required to obtain the role of an artist in a society.  Art produced by an artist often had to be evaluated by elders of the tribe.  The art had to conform to certain characteristics of art works already produced by the tribe.  If the new art did not conform closely enough to the established patterns, it would not be accepted by the elders.  Because of this approval process in many cultures, many pieces of African Art can be identified with its culture of origin.

      Subjects of African Art come in a wide variety because of the wide variety of cultures that produce them.  According to Africanguide.com  some common themes in African art include a couple, a woman and child, a male with a weapon or animal and outsider or stranger.

      The influence of tribal art of African was not confined to the African Continent.   Later, art movements such of the Cubists, Surrealists, Modernists and Contemporary show strong influences from the African Arts.  

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African Art Conclusion


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