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Middle Ages Lessons on 
Art and Architecture


Middle Ages Architecture Middle Ages Art
Architecture of Middle Ages Byzantine Art
Byzantine Architecture Middle Ages Painting
Romanesque Architecture Romanesque and Gothic Painting
Gothic Architecture Stain Glass
Sculpture of Middle Ages
Renaissance Art

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Questions for Architecture 

Middle Ages Architecture


1) What is the name of the first type of building used in Christian Churches?

2) What is a nave?

3) What feature is unique to the Hagia Sophia?

4) Why did the wall of Romanesque Churches have to be so thick?

5) What part of the church would pilgrims go around to see the holy relics of that church?

6) Why were the Gothic Churches able to have large stain glass windows?

7) What is a buttress?  How is it different from a flying buttress?


8) What was your favorite pictures in the architecture of the Middle Ages?  Why?


9) Why was it important to have large stain glass in the Gothic Cathedrals?  How did these churches help the Catholic Church  meet it's goals?


Questions for Middle Ages Art

 Middle Ages Art


1) Where were the centers of learning and art in the Early Middle Ages?

2)What was the Iconoclastic Crisis?

3) Painting in Early Middle Ages was done in what form?

4) What were the steps to putting together a stain glass window?

5) Why were sculptures not popular until around the 11th Century?

6) Renaissance Sculptures were similar to what earlier type of sculpture?

7) What were characteristics of Leonardo Da Vinici's paintings?


8) What is your favorite painting or sculpture?  Why?


9) What effect do you think economic and social changes had on Renaissance Art?