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Eric Rymer

World History Teacher in Ohio public schools since 1996.

Akron University, Akron, Ohio. MS Education. 1998
Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. Teaching Certificate, Social Studies Comprehensive. 1993
Akron University, Akron, Ohio. BA Sociology. 1989

Other Professional Development activities:
Independent Sociology Study. Co-author of research paper "Academic Success Expectations in Sex Dissonant and Sex Constant Settings." Paper was presented at the Annual American Sociological Association meeting in August 1989.

Grant Writing. Developed grants to fund full time position at Garfield Community Center 1990-1991. Wrote and received $4,500 Grant for Integrating Art into World History 1998.

Teacher Resources

1) How to Maximize this site in your class?
2) Need a break?  Here are some suggestions.


How to Maximize this Site for your class.

    How many times have you given an internet lesson to the class and find yourself spending more time on getting the students to the sites you want them to see, than spending time on the site itself?  We have a solution for that!   History Link 101 is set up so you can find what you want from any page.  At the bottom of all pages there is a search box.  From there you can direct the students to lessons or links easily.  Each lesson and link has a code such as L1010.  So in developing your lesson you don't have to put steps like - halfway down the page on the right side in pink is link to etc.  All they do is type in the code and go to the page you want them to be at and can find the link since they are in numeric order (pretty easy huh?).  We will continue to add more areas, lessons and links to expand on what the students can see and learn in your classroom.  If you have any questions or comments please write.  


Need a break - Some Suggestions.


Here are some games - for all your extra free time.

Guess a number - No rocket science here

Hillbilly Mad Lib - Great if you take yourself too serious at times

More Mad Lib 

Lights Out - Warning! Requires thinking!