B-26 Maraurder Bomber

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The B-26 Marauder received the nick name “widow maker” from the numerous training accidents that occurred during early testing of the bomber. The bomber was difficult in the beginning to pilot, but had only a 1% loss rate when it went into combat with trained pilots. The plane started in Australia, North Africa and eventually became heavily used in the European theater. In all, 1,883 were built. Below are key statistics about the B-26 Marauder.

Martin B-26 Marauder
Type of Bomber Medium Bomber
Crew 5
Wing Span feet 65
  meters 19.8
Length feet 56
  meters 17.75
Height Feet 19.83
  meters 6.04
Weight pounds 23,000
  kilograms 10,433
Max Speed MPH 310
  km/h 500
Typical Range Miles 1,150
  kilometer 1,850
Bomb Capacity pounds 5,200
  kilograms 2,359
Years Produced 1940-1945
Manufacture Glenn L Martin Company
Number of Engines 2
Horse Power in Engine 1,850
Country USA, UK France
France, New Zealand,
Soviet Union, UK US
Turkey, U.K. U.S.




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