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African Research

Welcome to History Link 101's African Research Page.  Here you will find excellent links to African Empires, Resource Pages, Timelines, and Primary Texts.  History Link 101 is a site developed for World History Classes, by a World History Teacher.     



Western Empires

Development of Mali
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    A5030

Development of Songhai 
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    A5040


Eastern Empires

Essay on Askum by F.A. Smitha.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    A5100

Lecture on Monroe  One page essay.
        Visual = N/A Content = 4    A5110  

Essay on Nubia One page essay from Britannica.
        Visual = N/A Content = 4    A5120

Ancient Cities and Kingdoms of East African Coast - the Black Swahilis Paper that examines the history of East Africa from both the Asian and African points of view.
        Visual = N/A Content = 4    A5130



Resource  Pages          

African Source Book by Fordham.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    A5160

Slide show of African Empires
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    A5170

Series of One Page Essays on African Empires
        Visual = N/A Content = 4    A5180

Mathematics in Ancient Africa
        Visual = 4 Content = 5    A5190

Writing in Ancient Africa
        Visual = 4 Content = 5    A5200

The Story of Africa By the BBC
        Visual = 1 Content = 3    A5210

Exploring Africa Large five unit site developed by Michigan State University on Africa
        Visual = 3 Content = 5    A5220

Primary Texts

Primary Text about Africa from Ancient History Source. Book.                                                                   
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    A5270

African Wars By Julius Caesar.      
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    A5280

Reconquest of Africa From Medieval Sourcebook.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    A5290