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Dictionary of Roman Mythology

Apollo (Apollo) - god of sun, light, prophecy, poetry and musicNeptune

Bacchus (Dionysius) - god of fertility, especially fruit trees and grapes, god of wine

Ceres (Demeter) - goddess of farming

Cupid (Eros) - god of love, Venus's son

Diana (Artemis) - goddess of moon and hunting

Fortuna (Nemesis) - god of luck and vengeance

Juno (Hera) - goddess of mothers and women

Jupiter (Zeus) - god of sky, king of the gods and son of Saturn

Mars (Ares) - god of war and agriculture, father of Romulus and Remus

Mercury (Hermes) - messenger of the gods, patron of businessmen and traders

Minerva (Athena) - goddess of crafts, poets, actors, wisdom, daughter of Jupiter and JunoVenus

Neptune (Poseidon) - god of the sea, brother of Jupiter

Pluto (Hades) - god of the underworld, brother of Jupiter

Proserpina (Persephone) - maiden of spring, daughter of Ceres, Pluto's wife

Saturn (Kronos or Cronos) - god of farming

Tiberinus - god of the Tiber river

Venus (Aphrodite) - goddess of love and beauty

Vesta (Hestia) - goddess of the hearth, sister of Jupiter

Vulcan (Hephaestus) - god of the smiths




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