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Timeline of Roman History


753 B.C Mythical founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus
753 - 509 Time of the Kings
509 Rome became a republic by overthrowing King Tarquin the Proud
494 Revolt of Plebeians against Patricians - Plebeians  gave right to choose their own tribunes and have a voice in government
458 General Cincinnatus came out of retirement, put down his plow, and took up position of dictator to save Rome. As soon as he won the battles he returned to Rome, resigned and returned to his fields
451 Rome developed the first law code, the Twelve Tables
390 Gauls invaded and sacked Rome
312 Began construction of first aqueduct and first major road
340-338 Rome defeated Latin League
275 Rome controlled all of Italian peninsula
264 - 241 First War between Rome and Carthage (First Punic War)
218 - 201 Second Punic War with Carthage with Hannibal leading the Carthage Army
202 Romans defeated Hannibal at battle of Zama
200 Romans used concrete for first time in Roman town of Palestrina
149-146 Third Punic War
89 Roman Citizenship extended to Latin and Italian Allies
85 Invention of heating system known as the hypocaust used in villas spread to most public baths
73-71 Slave revolt led by gladiator Spartacus
67 Pompey rid the Mediterranean sea of pirates
60 Pompey, Crassus and Julius Caesar formed alliance known as First Triumvirate
58 -51 Julius Caesar conquered all of Gaul - current day France
55-54 Julius Caesar attacked Britain
49 Julius Caesar ordered to disband army - instead began civil war
49-45 Civil war with Julius Caesar the winner
44 Julius Caesar assassinated on the Ides of March (15th)
44-30 Civil war between Marcus Antony and Octavian
42 Hortensia argued that taxes on rich women were unfair
31 B.C. Marcus Antony and Cleopatra defeated at battle of Actium
30 B.C. Marcus Antony and Cleopatra escaped to Egypt and committed suicide
27 B.C. Beginning of Empire age with Octavian claiming title of Augustus and assuming all the power of the magistrates in the Roman government-beginning of the Pax Romana (peace of Rome)
A.D. 6 Vigils developed to protect and fight fires in city of Rome under Augustus
A.D. 19 Pont du Guard aqueduct in Gaul ( France) built, still stands today
A.D. 30 Jesus Christ Crucified in Jerusalem
64 Great fire in Rome - Nero blamed Christians and began persecution
66-73 Jewish Revolt
69-96 Flavian period

                             Vesuvius erupted burying towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum

80 Colosseum finished
121- 126 Hadrian's wall built in Britain
130 Hadrian ordered building of Pantheon in Rome
96- 138 Empire reached greatest extent under Emperors Trajan (96-117) and Hadrian (117-138)
138 - 193 Antonine Period of rulers
235 - 285 Time of Anarchy, uncertainty who was legitimate Emperor for much of the time
197 Roman soldiers given permission to marry during tour of duty
293 Diocletian split empire into four sections ruled by two co-emperors
303 Persecution of Christians
312 Constantine I invaded Italy and took over with Licinius
313 Edict of Milan gave freedom of worship to Christian church, Christianity became official religion of Empire
324 Constantine I defeated Licinius and took over sole rule of Empire
330 Capitol moved from Rome to Constantinople (current day Istanbul) by Constantine I
395 Empire divided into East and West
410 Rome lost control of Britain

Attila the Hun invaded Italy - stayed out of Rome as request
of PopeLeo I

453 Attila the Hun died
455 Rome sacked by Vandals
476 Fall of the Western Roman Empire by invasion of Goths
533-554 Justinian began to recapture Western Roman Empire
554-1453 Eastern Empire survived as the Byzantine Empire
1453 Byzantine Empire defeated by Ottoman Turks





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