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Astronomy in Ancient Greece



The Greeks were credited with several important discoveries in astronomy. astronomy in ancient greeceAristarchus of Samos (310-230 B.C.) was the first to suggest that the earth revolved on an axis and moved around the sun. His ideas were not accepted until the 1500’s when Copernicus further developed the theory.

Another scientist, Hipparches (second century B.C.) believed the earth was the center of the universe. He also discovered the constants of the equinoxes and the length of a year.

The Greek philosopher Anaxagoras discovered that the moon reflected the suns rays, instead of producing light itself. He discovered the causes of eclipses. Thales of Miletus, was able to predict when a solar eclipse would occur. Although scholars believe his prediction was a one-time event and was only approximate (some say he only predicted the year), the alleged feat added to his reputation as an astronomer.


astronomy in anceint grreece



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