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Baptistery of Florence and Gates of Paradise

Baptistery of Florence

  The Baptistery was built around 6th or 7th century. It was dedicated to St. John and covered with marble around 1059-1128. In 1328-1336 the south doors were cast in bonze by Andrea Pisano. In 1401 the city had a competition to choose an artist to complete the doors for the north entrance. The competition ended in a tie between Filippo Brunelleshi and Lorenzo Ghiberti. Brunelleshi was insulted by the idea the Ghiberti was as good as him. Ghiberti at the time was only 23 years old. So Brunelleshi refused the work and left for Rome. This left Ghiberti to complete the doors. He worked from 1403 to 1424 on the the doors, which had 28 bronze panels when completed. Later he completed a set of doors, each with five bronze panels, for the east entrance . He worked on those doors from 1424 to 1452 . These sets of doors became know and the "Gates of Paradise." Models of the doors hang on the Baptistery today, while the originals are either on display at a local museum or being restored.


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