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Greek Daily Life

Welcome to History Link 101's Greek Daily Life Page. Here you will find excellent links to Greek Mythology, Games, and Philosophy, as well as Sparta and Athens.  History Link 101 is a site developed for World History Classes, by a World History Teacher.

Daily Life

Greek Daily Life Large site from History Link 101 which includes, daily life, education, culture, life around town, warfare, careers and more.
        Visual = 5   Content = 5    G2000

Greek City State Short essay with links to Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Megara, and Argos.
        Visual = N/A   Content = 4   G2010

Greek Daily Life First 12 Links on the right of the page lead to one page essays on issues of daily life in Ancient Greece.
        Visual = N/A   Content = 4   G2020

Death and Burial in Ancient Greece One page summary.
        Visual = 4   Content = 5   G2030 

Every Day Life One page summary.
        Visual = 3   Content = 4   G2040 
Ancient Greek Jewelry One page summary.
        Visual = 4   Content = 3    G2080

Jewelry of Ancient Greeks One page on the gold jewelry with several images.
        Visual = 4   Content = 4   G2090

Medicine in Ancient Greece Short one page text on medical practices.
        Visual = N/A  Content = 4   G2100

Music in Ancient Greece Two instruments with mp3 sound tracks featured.
        Visual = 2   Content = 4    G2120

The Olympic Games Excellent site detailing the ancient games compared to modern day with pictures on vases for illustration.  
        Visual = 5 Content = 5   G2130

Greek Olympics One page summary.
        Visual = 4   Content = 4   G2150  

Greek Olympics Four pages detailing history, mythology, the athlete and the sporting events.
        Visual = 4   Content = 4   G2160 

Oracle of Delphi One page summary.
        Visual = 4   Content = 5   G2170 

Greek Theater and Tragedy One page summaries.
        Visual = 3   Content = 5   G2180

Greek Theater Large one page that covers staging, playwrights and more.
        Visual = 3   Content = 4   G2200

Greek Literature and Drama One page summary of major works.
        Visual = 4   Content = 5   G2210

Theater in Ancient Greece One page summary with link to page about three types of dramas.
        Visual = 4   Content = 5   G2220

Slavery in Ancient Greece One page summary.
        Visual = 4   Content = 5   G2230


Greek Family

Boys Life in Ancient Greece One page summary.
        Visual = 4   Content = 5   G2240

Girlhood and Marriage in Ancient Greece One page summary.
        Visual = 4   Content = 5   G2260

Woman Dress and Hairstyles
        Visual = 4   Content = 4  G2270 

Women in Ancient Greece Series of essays on the role of women in Greek society.
        Visual = N/A   Content = 5   G2280


Athens and Sparta

Ancient Sparta One page summary of Ancient Sparta, with links to page on Spartan women.
        Visual = 4   Content = 5   G2300

Comparing Athens and Sparta One page drawing clear differences between these two ancient powerhouses.
        Visual = 5   Content = 5   G2320

History of Athens One page summary.
        Visual = 5   Content = 5   G2340

Peloponnesian War Large set of detailed essays on war.
        Visual = N/A   Content = 5   G2390

Greek Women in Athens One page summary of women in Athens.
        Visual = 4   Content = 5   G2410


Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology Site covers all the major gods and goddess, heroes and famous stories from Ancient Greek Mythology.
        Visual = 5  Content = 5  G2450

Festivals of Greek
        Visual = N/A Content = 5   G2460
The twelve labors of Hercules Twelve pages illustrated with vase paintings.
        Visual = 5   Content = 5   G2470

Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology Brief definitions or descriptions.
        Visual = 3   Content = 3   G2480

Greek Myths and Legends Large collection from
        Visual = N/A   Content = 5   G2490

Greek Mythological Beast One page will illustrations.
        Visual = 3   Content = 4   G2500

On-Line Games

Odyssey Game Online Text based game on making decisions - Limited because game forces your choices to a predetermined path.
        Visual = N/A Content = 3   G2550 

Adventures in Ancient Greece Site set up for 7 and 8 year olds.
        Visual = 5   Content = 5  (for young age)   G2570