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Ancient Roman Research

Welcome to History Link 101's Ancient Roman Research Page. Here you will find excellent links to Roman history, mythology, architecture, and original texts.  History Link 101 is a site developed for World History Classes, by a World History Teacher.


City of Pompeii Large site
Visual = 4 Content = 4   R5020

History Channel on Rome Videos and images from the History Channel
Visual =5 Content = 5 R5030

Mythical Founding of Rome and Early Myths  
Visual = 5  Content = 5  R5040

Fall of the Roman Republic One page detailing the transformation from democracy to empire by the BBC. Visual =2 Content =5 R5050

The Roman Army Large illustrated sections on Roman army life and structure
Visual = 5 Content = 5   R5070

The Roman Legions  Very complete site on Roman Military including explanations and timelines of major campaigns, pictures of armor, and much more
Visual = 5 Content = 5   R5080

Rome and United State Article compares the Empire of Rome with the present day United States.
Visual = N/A Content = 3 R5090

Punic Wars One page essay on this set of wars between Rome and Carthage
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5100

History of Rome Series of fourteen essay on various major time periods of Roman History
Visual = 2 Content = 5 R5110

Index of Descriptions of Battle of Rome and Maps of Battle of Rome
Visual = 5 Content = 5 R5120

Emperors of Rome Full index of emperors sorted alphabetically or see them by date Here. Very detailed account with links to additional resources - very good for in depth research by
Visual = 2 Content = 5 R5130

Family Trees of Rome List of family trees of major family trees of rulers of Rome by
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5140

Augustan Family Tree Presented by PBS
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5150

Outlines of Roman History Very extensive resource by
Visual = 4 Content = 5 R5160

Meaning of Roman Names Large list of Roman Names with historical meanings
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5170

Roman Building Technology Excellent in-depth explanations with illustrations of major Roman building techniques R5180
Visual = 5 Content = 5

Ebook "A Smaller History of Rome" A full book on the History of Rome
Visual = 3 Content = 5 R5190

Abridged History of Rome Very nice site with detailed information and good illustrations
Visual = 5 Content = 5 R5200

Gutenberg Ebooks on Ancient Rome 39 ebooks listed
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5210

Encyclopedia Mythica 327 articles on Greek gods and famous mythological figures
Visual = 2 Content = 4 R5220

List of Roman Battlefields List is developing and focuses at this time on early battles
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5230

Essays on Rome

Large Essays on Rome by Frank Smitha 
    The Rise of Rome
    Roman Empire and Dictatorship
    Judea and Civil War
    Fall of the Roman Republic
    Jews and Christians in Rome's Golden Age
    Rule by the Julio-Claudians 
    Rome, from Golden Age to Political Chaos 
    Rome's Decline and Christianity's Ascent 
    Christian Emperors, Persia, and the Fall of Rome  
    Augustine Influences Christianity 
    Remnants of the Roman Empire 
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5250

Third Century of Crisis in Rome One page essay detailing the constant change in emperors in third century
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5260

Essay on Christianity in the Roman Empire One page analysis by the BBC
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5270

Large Essay Collection on the Fall of the Roman Empire
Visual = N/A Content = 5  R5280

Roman Philosophers 6 essay on famous Roman Philosophers
Visual = 2 Content = 5 R5300

Lecture Notes From History of Ancient Rome course at University of Notre Dame. Provides good outline to important events and links to web resources.
Visual = 3 Content = 4 R5310

Essay How Excessive Government Killed Ancient Rome
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5330


Links Pages

Internet Ancient History Source Book Large site by By Fordham 
Visual = N/A Content = 5  R5340

Links to Ancient Roman Architecture by Art History Resources
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5350


Daily Life

Law Resources of Ancient Rome Scholarly site on subject
Visual = N/A Content = 5   R5370

Politics in Ancient Rome From the BBC details how emperors used politics to enhance their power
Visual = 2 Content = 5 R5380

Roman Recipes Three Roman recipes.
Visual = N/A Content = 4 R5390

Roman Technology Page from the BBC covering military, road and other subjects of technological advancements of the Romans
Visual = 3 Content = 5 R5400

Private Lives of Ancient Romans Extensive set of essays on the daily lives of Romans. Lots of details with sixteen major categories that are very well researched from
Visual = 3 Content = 5 R5410

Surgical Instrument in Roman Times Very extensive review by
Visual = N/A Content = 4 R5420

Ten Innovations of Rome By
Visual = 5 Content = 5 R5430

Ostia Site all about this harbor city of Rome including updates on archeological digd, images, videos and models.
Visual = 4 Content = 4 R5440

Roman Military Detailed description of Roman army with accompanying articles
Visual = 1 Content = 5 R5450

Roman Science Six essays on development in science under Rome
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5460

Original Text

The Aeneid by Virgil Full version in English
Visual = N/A Content = 5  R5470

The Annals by Tactics Original work translated
Visual = N/A Content = 5   R5480

Forum Romanum Links to translations of major Roman works and much more
Visual = N/A Content = 5   R5510

The Histories by Tactics Original work translated
Visual = N/A Content = 5   R5520

Original Text of Greco-Roman Authors Over 50 Greek and Roman authors work translated online
Visual = N/A Content = 5   R5530

Roman Major Historians Complete Texts Huge repository of original documents about all time periods and aspects of Rome at Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5550

Twelve Tables Basis of Roman Law
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5560

Excerpts from Roman Authors Excerpts from Tacitus, Seneca, Juvenal, Pliny the Young, Petronius, Suetonius, and Cassius presented by PBS
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5570

Livius, Titus. The History of Rome Vol I by University of Virginia Library
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5580



Basic Timeline of Rome
Visual = N/A  Content = 5   R5590

Cross Cultural Time Line Excellent page showing all major cultures and major events!!
Visual = 5 Content = 5   R5600

Timeline 60 B.C. to 180 A.D. By PBS. Has major events and maps to show the expansion of the empire.
Visual = 3 Content = 4 R5610

Timeline with links from Wikipedia
Visual = N/A Content = 4 R5620

Timeline by
Etruscan Rome
Republican Rome
Imperial Rome
Byzantine Rome
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5660

Timeline with Details Click on the dates to get more detailed year by year account of events.
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5680

Timeline of Early Rome with Links
Visual = N/A Content = 5 R5700