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Early Tractors

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DSCN0988 (2).JPG (71909 bytes) 1869 J.I Case Steam Engine

DSCN0364.JPG (136994 bytes) Russell Steam Powered Tractor

DSCN0408.JPG (133367 bytes) 1912 Hackney Auto-Plow

DSCN0389.JPG (136067 bytes) Nilson

DSCN0422.JPG (83017 bytes) Moline Universal 

DSCN0421.JPG (92905 bytes) Converted Model T

DSCN0369.JPG (131906 bytes) Advance-Rumely's 1915 OilPull lightweight model M 

DSCN0387.JPG (133113 bytes) 1918 Titan 10-20 

DSCN0376.JPG (131556 bytes) 1922 Case 12-20 tractor 

DSCN0378.JPG (135805 bytes) Advance-Rumely's 1915 OilPull model M, 35 Hp

DSCN0984.JPG (69506 bytes) 1918 Waterloo Boy 

wpe49.jpg (39971 bytes) 1923 Rumley Oil-Pull 20-40 model G 


Early Farm Implements

Case Steam Engine    Russell Steam Engine  Hackney Auto Plow  
Nilson  Moline Universal    Converted Model T  Advance Rumely Oilpull   2   3 
 Heider   Titan Tractor  Case Tractor    John Deere Watterloo Boy