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Clothing in Ancient Egypt


Egyptian female in dressClothing in Ancient Egypt was typically made out of white linen. Wool was used also, but it was not allowed in any of the temples because the material came from animals. Due to Egyptian religious beliefs about animals, wool was not permitted to touch the skin. Also, linen was a cooler material, and considering the warmth of the climate, it was better for most Egyptians.


Egyptian male kilt


Men normally wore loincloths or short skirts. Shirts for men were worn in some periods of their history. Women wore robes or tight dresses, some with straps that covered the woman’s breasts or with one or both breasts exposed, depending on the particular style of the time. Children rarely wore clothing until they reached puberty.



The linen clothing was usually not dyed. Early Egyptian fashion was simple, but became more complex and stylish toward the end of the New Kingdom.


Clothing styles also varied based on a person’s occupation. Farmers wore loincloths while the vizier may have worn a full-length robe. Poor people wore very little clothing.


Wealthy Egyptians wore leather sandals. Common people usually went barefoot.




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