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China Pictures 

Welcome to History Link 101's China Picture Page.  Here you will find excellent links for Touring China, Emperor Images, and images from Chinese History.  History Link 101 is a site developed for World History Classes, by a World History Teacher.  


  China Pictures From History Link 101 


Great Wall

Great Wall 360 Aerial Panoramas High definition images in panoramic style. When viewing panoramic, the helicopter symbol will give view from another vantage point. Scroll down to see very dramatic still images.
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    C4000

Pictures of the Great Wall by History Link 101.
        Visual =5  Content = 2     C4010


General China Pictures

Quick Time Panoramic of China Half-way down page, 9 places photographed.
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    C4030

Landscape of China Over 30 images of a Chinese gardens.
        Visual = 5  Content = N/A  C4040

Royalty Free Images of China Over 250 images from History Link 101.
        Visual = 5  Content = N/A     C4050

20 Images of China
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    C4060

Pictures of China Includes pictures from Beijing, Shanghi, West,  Northeast,  Southwest, and South.
        Visual = 5 Content = 3    C4070
Scenery Pictures of China Includes top 10 scenery pictures, landscapes and ancient buildings.
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    C4080


Terracotta Warrior Images

Terracotta Warriors Over 120 images which you can also purchase. Click on thumbnails on the right side of the pages to see all the images available.
        Visual = 5 Content = 3    C4090

Terracotta Warriors Nine images.
        Visual = 5 Content = 3    C4100

Terracotta Army Images Large collection which can be purchased or downloaded for free (they are watermarked) for personal use.
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    C4110

Terracotta Army Three page essay on the Army of Clay Soliders and the Emperor who had them made.
        Visual = 3 Content = 5    C4120

Other Images

Images of  Hong Kong 10 pages of pictures.
        Visual = 5   Content = N/A  C4130
Images of Tibet 11 pages of pictures including images from the Dalai Lamas Palace.
        Visual = 5     Content = N/A  C4140


Items from Chinese History 

Chinese Art Pieces Thirty-five thousand images from Metropolitan Museum.
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    C4170       

Chinese Maps and Timeline Click links between timeline and map to see pictures from historic period with explanations.
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    C4190

Chinese Rock Art Collection Total of twelve categories to explore.
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    C4210