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Middle Ages Art

Welcome to History Link 101's Middle Ages Art Page.  Here you will find excellent links to Middle Ages Art and Artists.

Middle Ages Art and Architecture Lessons  Includes lessons on Byzantine, Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance.  Follow up questions included. 


Sandro Botticelli  Biography and in-depth explanations of his famous works.


Art Collections

1200 Years of Italian Sculpture Site with pictures of sculptures throughout Italy. (English descriptions are below the Italian ones.)  After selecting a period, it will display thumbnails on the left side. To go to next set of images click links on right side of the "HP" at the bottom of the page.
        Visual = 5 Content = 3    D1000

Web Gallery of Art WOW!! Very complete collection of Artists from the middle ages.  Some of the sections include Italian artists and sculptures from 1200 to 1700,  Giotto, Sistine Chapel, painting in the low countries, Flemish works, Spanish art from 1200 to 1700, and much more.   Includes biographies.   Graphic intense site so a quick internet connection is a necessity.
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    D1010

Art of the Middle Ages by Chris Witcombe.  Large directory of art of the Middle Ages.
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    D1020

Images of Renaissance Food and Feasting Seven galleries of images.
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    D1060

Tres Riches Heures. Painted some time between 1412 and 1416.  This is an example of a medieval liturgical book with beautiful illustrations. 
        Visual = 5 Content = 4    D1070


Donatello Pictures of sculptures by Mark Harden.
        Visual = 5 Content = 4    D1080

Donatello Sculptures (English translations is second line after the Italian).
        Visual = 5 Content = 1    D1090

Giotto Di Bondone Site on this pre-Renaissance painter.
        Visual = 5  Content = 5    D1100
 Leonardo da Vinci By Mark Harden. 27 images which can be viewed at bottom of page.
        Visual = 5 Content = 4    D1110

 Leonardo da Vinci  Paintings by Da Vinci.
        Visual =5   Content = N/A  D1120

 Michelangelo Paintings 16 most famous paintings.
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    D1130            

 Michelangelo's Sculptures (English is second line of most explanations).
        Visual = 5 Content = 4    D1140

Rapheal Sanzio Collection of works by Mark Harden.
        Visual = 5 Content = 4    D1150

Rapheal School of Athens Identifies major characters in this work.
        Visual = 5 Content = 3    D1160

Sandro Botticelli By History Link 101.  Biography with explanations of his major works.
        Visual = 5  Content = 5    D1170

Sandro Botticelli WebMuseum paintings with explanations.
        Visual = 5 Content = 4    D1180

Sandro Botticelli Excellent pictures of major works.
        Visual = 5 Content = 4    D1190

 Other Artist Very large collection of artist and works by Mark Harden.
        Visual = 5 Content = 3    D1200

Links to Medieval Art Sites by Christopher Witcombe.
        Visual = N/A Content = 4    D1210

 Biographies of Each of the Above Artists

 Architecture Pictures