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Great God of Thebes

Father of the Gods




 Amun became very powerful during the 12th dynasty with the construction of a temple in his honor at Karnak. The height of his power came under the 18th dynasty, when a prince of a Theban family became king of Egypt. His consort, Mut, had temple built nearby at Luxor. Their son, Khonsu, became the moon god.

   In the 18th Dynasty, Amun was credited with the success of pushing the foreign Hyksos out of Egypt. At times, the ruling pharaoh was threatened by the power and wealth of the priests of Amun. Their wealth often came from the spoils of war which would be dedicated to the temple. Their powerful influence continued throughout the New Kingdom until Egypt came under foreign control.

   Amun was very powerful in Upper Egypt to the South. In the New Kingdom Amun was linked with Re of Lower Egypt to the North. This combination became Amen Re. He was the god of the air and acquired over time the titles of god of fertility and war in the New Kingdom. He also had several combinations with other dieties such as; Amun-Re-Atum, Amun-Re-Montu, Amun-Re-Horakhty, and Min-Amun.


Map of Centers of Worship for Amun


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