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Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddess


Amen: see Amun

Amon: see Amun

Amun: great god of Thebes, powerful combination with Ra in Amen Re. Temple of Karnak built in his honor

Anpu: see Anubis

Anqet: see Anukis

Anubis: god of embalmers and mummification. Shown as a human with a jackal head. Performed "weighing of the heart" judging a mans heart.

Anukis: wife of Khnum, Goddess of Cataract region at Aswan

Apis: god of strength and fertility, known as sacred bull of Memphis

Asar: See Osiris

Aten: god of the sun-disk, worshiped exclusively (monotheism) during reign of Akhenaten

Atum: A creator god along with RE, Horakhtya, and Khepri. He is considered the creator god in the Heliopolitan creation myths.


Bast: see Bastet

Bastet: cat goddess of delta

Bes: dwarf deity with lion's face, domestic god with no temple or priests, protector against snakes and terrors as well as help in childbirth


Duamutef: One of the four sons of Horus, a funerary deity linked with the East



Geb: earth god, husband of Nut, father to Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys



Hapy: god of inundation (yearly flood) and the Nile, also one of the four sons of Horus, a funerary deity linked with the north

Hathor: god of love, music, dancing and happiness, patron god of mining in Sinai region. Associated with Aphrodite by the Greeks

Hat-Mehit: fish-goddess of Mendes in the delta region

Heqet: frog goddess of Antinoopolis, associated with Khnum and helper of women in childbirth

Horus: son of Osiris and Isis, Pharaoh was believed to become Horus during his reign


Imhotep: architect of the Step Pyramid. Later periods god of learning and medicine

Imsety: one of the four sons of Horus, a funerary deity linked with the south

Isis: wife of Osiris and mother to Horus. Guardian of coffins and Canopic jars


Kebehsenuef: One of the four sons of Horus, a funerary deity linked with the west

Khnum: god of the cataract-region, thought to have molded man on his pottery wheel

Khonsu: Moon god, son to Amun and Mut. The three formed the Theban triad


Maat: goddess of truth, right and orderly conduct, daughter of Ra

Menthu: hawk-headed god of war

Meskhent: goddess of childbirth

Min: god of fertility

Mut: wife of Amen-Re. Son was Khonsu and the three form a Triad of gods in Thebes


Nefertum: god of the lotus, son of Ptah and Sakhmet

Neith: goddess of war, hunting, and domestic crafts

Neheb-Kau: serpent deity of underworld

Nekhbet: protected pharaoh and wife of Hapi

Nun: god of primeval chaos

Nut: sky-goddess


Osiris: god of the underworld, vegetation, and inundation (yearly floods), rebirth


Ptah: creator god of Memphis, patron god of craftsmen


Ra: sun god, supreme judge. Often linked with other gods i.e. Amen-Re, Sobk-Re and Re-Harakhty

Re: See Ra

Renenutet: goddess of harvest and fertility

Reshef: god of war and thunder


Sakhmet: wife of Ptah and avenger of enemies of Re

Satis: daughter of Khnum and Anukis. Goddess of island of Siheil in Cataract region

Seker: god of vegetation

Selkis: scorpion goddess

Seshat: goddess of written words

Set: see Seth

Seth: evil brother to Osiris, god of storms and violence

Shu: god of air

Sobk: crocodile god


Tauert: associated with Bes. Domestic god with no temples or priests. Hippopotamus goddess, patron of women in childbirth

Tefnut: goddess of dew and rain, sister and wife of Shu

Thoeris: see Tauert

Thoth: scribe of the gods, inventor of writing, patron god of scribes, god of wisdom, writing and counting


Upuat: jackal god who guides dead to the underworld


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