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Combination Gods

Ra or Re

God of Sun

Supreme Judge

   Ra was a very powerful god starting as early as the second dynasty in Egypt. By the fifth dynasty, he was the chief god of state. He was believed to sail a course across the sky during the day. At night, he would die and sail through the underworld to be reborn again in the morning. This daily pattern was believed to be a pattern for the Pharaoh's own life, death, and resurrection. The pharaoh took the title "Son of Ra" to enhance his position among the people.

    In the first intermediate period, Ra was replaced by Osiris as the most popular deity among the general Egyptians. Ra continued to be a strong and popular force in the pantheon of Egyptian gods all the way through the New Kingdom. He was often linked to other deities, such as Amun, to give the others national recognition.

Map of Centers of Worship for Ra


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