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Revolt of the Giants


revolt of giants

After the defeat of the Titans, the Giants, who were created from the blood of Uranus, decided to attack Zeus and the Olympians. The Giants had twenty-four in their number and were of great concern to the Olympic gods. Although the giants posed a great threat, a prophecy foretold that the gods could prevail with the help of the hero Hercules. The Giants staged their attack by piling up several mountains to reach the heights of Mount Olympus. Hercules appeared to kill the first Giant with an arrow, but he stood right back to his feet. Athena realized that the Giant was being revived because he was on native ground. She ordered Hercules to take him to a foreign land. Hercules following her advice and was able to slay him. In a series of other battles, the combined strength of Hercules and the Olympians gave them the victory over the Giants.




Jupiter Casting a Thunderbolt by Faydherbe, Musees Royaux des Beasu-Art , Brussels

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