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(goddess of the hearth and home)


Roman name: Vesta
Parents: Cronus and Rhea
Brothers: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades
Sisters: Hera, Demeter

Hestia was the first child of Cronus and Rhea. She was the goddess that looked after the family. She was known for her warmth, generosity, and kindness. She was typically worshipped in households throughout Greece. Hestia was known to stay on Mount Olympus, venturing out only on rare occasions.

Hestia was known as Vesta in Roman mythology. A famous temple was built in her honor and attended to by six virgins, following the example of the goddess they served. It was a great honor to be chosen to serve as one of the vestal hestiavirgins in Rome. They served for a term of thirty years. As a priestess, the main duty was to keep the fires burning in the temple. It was believed Rome would have good luck as long as the fires burned. Allowing the fires to go out brought severe punishment.

Any of the vestal virgins who broke the vow of chastity during their term were severely punished. The punishment began with the performing of rituals that concluded with the woman being buried alive in a vault. The offender did not receive burial rites and she would not be able to enter the land of the dead in the afterlife.



Portrait of a Woman Dressed as a Vestal Virgin by Kauffmann, - Gemaldegaleria, Desdren

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