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Cave Art Lesson Page #4

Additional Resources on Cave Art

1)  Lascaux Cave France  - Click on Visit to the cave to get a viritual tour.

1a) Lascaux Cave Images - From Bradshaw foundation, images from the cave.

2) Pech Merel Site - Map along with pictures of major paintings.

3) Rock Art of Alps - Eight dated images of Rock art from Alps.

4) Links to Other French and Spanish Caves - Toward the bottom of the page - In French.

5) Chauvet Pont D'Arc  Cave pictures and explanations.

6) Cosquer Cave Cave Pictures and explanations in this "Under Water" Cave.



Govignon, Brigitte (1995).  The Beginners Guide to Art, Harry N Abrams, Inc., Publishers.

Jo Marceau (editor), (1997).   Art A World History,  DK publishing.

Silvers, Larry (1993).  Art In History, Abbeville Press.


Question to Consider.


1) What type of materials did early man use to paint on the walls of caves?

2) What colors were used the most in their cave art?

3) In what part of the world is most cave art found??


4) Which was your favorite painting?  Why?


5) Why do you think early man choose the subjects (i.e. the objects of the paintings) they did for their painting/drawings?

6) How realistic or abstract are the paintings of early man?  What could this tell us about them?




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