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Roman Art Lesson

The following is a lesson on Roman Art.  The lesson has follow-up questions and additional links are included for more study and illustrations.  

   Roman Sculpture

    Roman art is closely tied to Greek Art.  Both did most of their sculptures in marble. In fact, much of the Greek Art survives because it was copied by the Romans.  Yet, Romans had their own style which they brought to their art.  The Greeks were famous for their idealistic portrayal of people.  They attempted to capture the youthful person.  The Romans are know for their realism.  Most of their sculptures were of the rich, famous, and powerful of Rome.  The portraits of famous people show every blemish and wart.  They wanted to recreate what the person looked like in real life, instead of trying to show the ideal look.  


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Roman Architecture


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Questions to Consider


1) What type of materials did the Romans use in their sculpture?

2) Who were the subjects of most Roman sculptures?

3) What was one of the most famous inventions of Roman Architecture?


4) Which sculptures do you like better, the Greek or the Roman?  Why?


5) How does the sculpture of the Romans reflect their culture?

6) How important was the invention of the arch?  What affect did it have on later generations?