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Byzantine Architecture

    The Golden Age of Byzantine Architecture was under the rule of Justian in 527-565.  It was during this period that the most famous examples of all Byzantine Architecture was built, the Hagia Sophia.  The Hagia Sophia was rebuilt from 532 to 537 after the previous church was destroyed by riots .  This church has some unique features which became the patterns for Byzantine Architecture for years after.  

    The style of the Hagia Sophia or Church of Divine Wisdom, was to have a large dome in the middle of the structure.   The dome has a unique form in that it rest on 4 massive pillars which are arranged in a square.  Byzantine Dome  The dome remained the main focus of the Byzantine Church for the remainder of the empire.  The Eastern Orthodox preferred  a low light, somber, and almost mysterious mood in their services.  The clergy worked often behind the scenes with brief appearances.  They did not embrace the loud organs and congregational  worship which is seen in the western Catholic Church.  So the Hagia Sophia became the model for the Byzantine church because was an architectural style that fit with the type of worship the Orthodox church wanted to emphasize. 


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