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Ancient Greek Art Lesson

    The Ancient Greeks created what has become known as classical art.  Many of America's governmental buildings have been designed with Classical Greek structures.  Greeks are seen by many as the cornerstone to the western traditions of art and ideas. The Ancient Greeks are known for three main items; their sculptures, their temples, and their vase paintings.  The art work embodies much of what made the Greek civilization great.  The Ancient Greeks were organized into independent city-states.  In these states the ideas of courage, valor, and independence where strongly held values.  These themes can be seen very clearly in their human depictions.  The Greeks idealized humans, showing the strong and youthful depiction of men and women.  The topics shown in their vases reflect the importance of strength, athletic competition,  and battles.   Their temples reflected their religious beliefs in the gods.   


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Greek Sculpture

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Questions to Consider


1) What type of materials did the Greeks use in their sculpture?

2) What shape is a Corinthian Temple?

3) What is the common colors of the Greek Vase Paintings?


4) Describe the difference between the Archaic and Hellenistic Sculpture.

5) Describe the difference between Egyptian and Greek Temples in their appearance. (see Egyptian Art Lesson for temples)


6) Why do you think the Greeks choose the subjects (i.e. the objects of painting/sculpture) they did for their painting/sculptures?

7) How realistic or abstract are the sculptures of the Greeks?  What is the artist trying to portray about the Ancient Greek Culture in their sculpture?