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Ancient Greek Art Conclusion

           A short walk thought Washington D.C. clearly shows the impact the Greeks have had on architectural design even today.  As you study art history of the Renaissance, it will be very familiar in design to that of the Greeks.  The Renaissance was a rebirth of Classical Greek and Roman ideas and art.  As with others areas, the Art of Ancient Greece has had a large impact on Western Civilization.

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Questions to Consider:


1) What type of materials did the Greeks use in their sculpture?

2) What shape is a Corinthian Temple?

3) What is the common colors of the Greek Vase Paintings?


4) Describe the difference between the Archaic and Hellenistic Sculpture.

5) Describe the difference between Egyptian and Greek Temples in their appearance. (see Egyptian Art Lesson for temples)


6) Why do you think the Greeks choose the subjects (i.e. the objects of painting/sculpture) they did for their painting/sculptures?

7) How realistic or abstract are the sculptures of the Greeks?  What is the artist trying to portray about the Ancient Greek Culture in their sculpture?


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